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Hello and welcome to our little blog! We are Sisters Marla, Mayra, Nicole and Rose (pictured above), and we make up the National Novitiate community for the Sisters of Notre Dame. We live in Covington, KY (right across the river from Cincinnati, OH).

What is a National Novitiate you ask?
Well, the National Novitiate is where women in the US who are training to become Sisters of Notre Dame go. While we are here, we learn how to be a sister, brush up on some theology, gain a strong foundation of prayer, and study the history and spirituality of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Sisters Mayra and Nicole became novices on February 20, 2016 and will spend two more years learning, praying, and preparing to take their first vows as sisters. Sisters Marla and Rose are acting as mentors and teachers to the two new novices and will walk with them in their continuing journey in sisterhood.

But why are we writing this blog?
We want to share our journeys with you! We will share the experiences, reflections, challenges, and transformations that are bound to happen. We hope you share this with anyone who might be interested. Historically, nuns have been this great mystery and fascination, especially in the media. But we are here to show you that we are human just like you.

So let's get started and draw back the veil on religious life!

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Leave a comment below or email nunsinthemaking@gmail.com.

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